The New Audi R8

new-r8Just when you thought they don’t get better, the new Audi R8 is introduced to confirm the belief that not all cars are made equally: Exhilarating by anybody’s standards, the Audi R8 makes it easy for supercar enthusiasts to fall in love with it. In every aspect, it is a truly magnificent car. Continue reading “The New Audi R8” »

Car Insurance Myths

Car Insurance MythsCar insurance policies differ between providers, but also within providers depending upon the levels of insurance for various policies.  This variation may have a lot to do with the common myths or misunderstandings that people have about car insurance on the whole. Continue reading “Car Insurance Myths” »

Car Hacking

car hackingHacking is something that many people think only happens to their computer or their smartphones, but hackers are increasingly focusing their attention on cars.  The functions in the cars of today are increasingly controlled by computers in which microprocessors direct braking, accelerating, and can even control the horn. Continue reading “Car Hacking” »