3 Popular Car Modifications

modified carAlmost as soon as mass production cars were made available many years ago, people set about making their own modifications to their cars. There always seems to be something that looks or feels better, improves the sound or performance or makes driving more enjoyable.
There are many modifications that can be made to your car, but let’s look at some of the more common and popular types these days.
Alloy Wheels
Easily the most popular car modification these days is that of the alloy wheel. These are made from the alloy of either aluminum or magnesium and are available in a wide range of styles and designs. Whilst alloy wheels are generally bought for cosmetic purposes, they can actually improve the handling of the vehicle they are placed on due to being lighter than their standard steel cousins.
ECU Chips
Modern cars are all built with an ECU (electronic control unit) which has the purpose of overseeing the operational side of the engine. These are able to be ‘chipped,’ which is the process of re-mapping the software to enable better performance or economy and in some cases even both at the same time. Whilst these are fairly cheap at a couple of hundred’s of pounds, you should check that you will not be voiding you cars warranty should you get it done.
Entertainment Systems
Upgrading the in car entertainment system is certainly not new. Whether it is buying a better in car stereo, additional speakers or subwoofers, we have been doing it as a nation for decades. What is relatively new however, is that many are now adapting their cars to have DVD players, television screens, gaming consoles and computers installed into the back of the car. This means excellent entertainment for passengers, especially during a long drive.