Emotion in Motion: the Ultimate Summer Driving Playlist

Who can resist the sheer allure of summer driving? So, drop the roof, push the pedal to the metal and let this medley of magical music transport you to a very special place…
LITTLE DEUCE COUPE, The Beach Boys – This is the undisputed summer motoring anthem. Tight harmonies and driving guitars evoke the innocence and inspiration of a bygone era.

BORN TO RUN, Bruce Springsteen – Live the American dream on the streets of the UK. The Boss still rules after decades on the road.
IN THE AIR TONIGHT, Phil Collins – You’ll be overtaken by the exhilaration of acceleration when the drums work their magic!
SUMMER IN THE CITY, The Lovin’ Spoonful – A cool track to help you navigate the hottest days.

SWITCH LANES, Rittz ft. Mike Posner – Laidback and luscious, this is rap with soul. Steer yourself into a positive mood with these mellow sounds.

ROADRUNNER, Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers – You’ll be going faster miles an hour with the radio on. Perfect.

JUST GIVE ME A REASON, Pink ft. Natt Reuss – Who can resist the need for speed when the chorus kicks in? You don’t need any other reason to enjoy the sun and fun.

GET LUCKY, Daft Punk – When the sun is high, the road is clear and this is playing, you’ll feel so blessed. Who could be luckier?

HIGHWAYS OF GOLD, Jaguar Love – Roll down the windows and enjoy a blast of sweet insanity with an upbeat twist.

LITTLE RED CORVETTE, Prince – His Royal Purpleness weaves a spell of love and lust amidst the enchantment of a hot summer night.

Of course, there are thousands of other summer driving classics that could be on this list. Everyone has a favourite track that captures the perfection of this idyllic time of year. But take a listen to the songs above and we guarantee you’ll be moved by the grooves…