Finding the Best Deal on Car Insurance

planemoneyPer terms of The Road Traffic Act, all UK motorists must insure their vehicles. It is every driver’s minimum legal requirement to take out third party motor insurance. When you are at fault in an accident, this covers the cost of repair to others’ vehicles and medical costs related to personal injury. How do you go about finding the best deal on car insurance? Consider these tips:
First, decide whether you want additional coverage against other risks, beyond third party insurance. Weigh factors such the distances you plan to drive daily, the car theft rates in your neighbourhood, whether others will be driving your car, and the current condition/replacement value of your car. All such issues will influence the kind of coverage you will need, as well as the cost of your insurance policy.

Then shop around. Compare types of insurance options, such as comprehensive cover, legal expenses cover, breakdown cover, courtesy cars, etc. You can easily do this online through your potential insurance firm’s website. Also, talk to family or friends about their car insurance experiences; keep in mind that some insurers offer a multi-car discount for family members residing in the same household.

When you have narrowed down a list of insurers based on the most competitive quotes, try increasing the voluntary excess, adding or removing no-claims discount (NCD) protection and considering other additional cover options. Make sure you balance affordable premiums with the best type of cover for you.

And finally, re-check your findings against another source. There are a number of UK websites that compile consumer reviews, car models and market data to generate lists of the best deals on car insurance. See if any of your picks are on the list, and whether your quotes seem accurate.