Four Fun Cabriolets For The Summer Months

Summer CabrioletWe may only have a few short months of summer sun here in the UK but that does not stop us all from trying to make the most of it. You see it every year, as soon as the sun pops out, convertible owners the country over are taking their tops off and hitting the roads within minutes.
Who can really blame them though? After months of cold and miserable weather, it can be a wonderful feeling to cruise the streets and let the wind blast through your hair. Here are four cabriolets that you are likely to see in numbers this summer.
Mini Convertible
The Mini has always been a national icon and one of the most desirable brands to own in the UK. This makes the convertible version of the car an excellent choice for enjoying the summer weather with a carefree nature and plenty of wind in the hair. Sell your Mini
Mazda MX-5
The MX-5 is far from modern and is certainly not the quickest car around but it is still an extremely popular convertible. The sports car is incredibly fun to drive due to its highly responsive steering which makes it the perfect accompaniment for the British summer. Sell your Mazda
The Z4 will set you back a lot more than the previous two cars but after a quick look at the car and a single test drive, you will be convinced that it is worth it. The two-seater sports car will earn you some admiring looks, especially with the roof down on a glorious summer’s day. Sell your BMW
VW Golf Cabriolet
The Volkswagen Golf has also been a firm favourite on these shores and the newer models are certainly carrying on from where their predecessors left off. They have stuck with the fabric folding roof that gives it that distinctive look as well as also keeping the weight of the car down. Full of fun and an army of fans, the VW Golf could be the ideal cabriolet for you.
These are certainly four of the most popular cabriolets you will see on the streets at this time of year, though in reality there are many more too. Instead of being green in envy, why not look at picking one up for yourself?