More Pounds After More Miles: How to Maintain Your Car’s Value

Car MileageRegardless of the current age, make and model of your car, there are several things you can do to maintain its value. Down the road, when you eventually sell or trade the vehicle in, you might experience a pleasant windfall in its resale value!

Keep it clean. A major factor in determining a car’s worth is its interior and exterior condition. We recommend regular cleaning, including washing, polishing and waxing. If you don’t have time, get it professionally cleaned and detailed every season, which will help restore and protect the finish from the elements. Also, those with children or pets may want to invest in some rubber floor mats and seat covers.

Service it regularly. Have your car serviced according to your manufacturer’s handbook, and regularly replace parts that wear down over time and use. Also, keep a record of the work done on the car, maintaining receipts from oil changes, tune-ups, tire rotations and other services that demonstrate long-term care. Some buyers will pay extra for a vehicle with a fully verified maintenance history.

Drive carefully. Any collision damage can put a deep dent in your car’s value. If your car is in an accident, use an experienced auto body shop with factory parts for repairs. Save all receipts so any potential buyers can assess whether (or how much) the damage affects the car’s worth.

Park with caution. If you live in the city, scratches and dings will inevitably appear on your car while it is parked. At the very least, you can exercise caution about where you park and what you park next to! Also, try to park in the shade, as extensive exposure to sunlight may damage the colour and/or vinyl and rubber components on the dashboard.