Ladies Only Parking Spaces In The UK – Could You Imagine?

women-only-parking-spaceYou may or may not have noticed a rather large amount of media attention being brought to the fact that South Korea’s capital city Seoul has recently implemented ‘ladies-only’ parking spaces. You can imagine the outcry at just the thought of it and that is without digging even deeper into the story.
Officials have been quick to state that these “she-spots” were not created for any reason other than making parking a more comfortable experience for women.
However, when you realise that the spaces are reportedly painted in pink, larger than that of the normal parking spaces in both length and width, you can understand why many are calling this as nothing other than being patronising to women.

So What If It Were To Happen In The UK?

Well, first of all we can never really see it happening here due to the politically correct society that we live in, yet it does not hurt to just try and imagine the uproar it would cause.
Men would find it sexist against them, whilst women would find it extremely condescending as to the fact that they need to be allowed more space to park their cars successfully. You could also imagine the old gender based banter again kicking up between men and women once more. The old ‘men cannot multi-task,’ ‘women cannot drive’ debates would be flowing heavily once more.
Also, if it were to happen you could imagine the can of worms that it would lead to. Perhaps there would be men and women only cars, seats on the buses, in the cinemas and maybe even women only taxi’s.
Thankfully, we cannot see any reason for this happening here in the near future. The trouble surely would not be worth it!