car-damageThere is no doubt that life involves many risks. But if you want to stand a good chance of making it to enjoy your pension, avoid the following places, where getting behind the wheel is a deadly business:

1. Namibia (45)

2. Thailand (44)

3. Iran (38)

4. Sudan (36)

5. Swaziland (36)

6. Venezuela (35)

7. Congo (34)

8. Malawi (32)

9. Dominican Republic (32)

10. Iraq (32)

The figures in brackets show the number of deaths per 100,000 population per annum. To give you some comparison, there are just 2.75 fatalities annually in the UK according to the same metrics. To put it another way, you are over 16 times more likely to die in a road accident in Namibia than in good old Blighty.

The findings are from a study entitled Mortality from Road Crashes in 193 Countries: A Comparison with Other Leading Causes of Death. Compiled by Sivak and Schoettle from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, they used statistics collected by the World Health Organization.

Of course, motoring can be perilous anywhere. But what makes it so hazardous in the countries mentioned above? There are many causes, from poor infrastructure to lax law enforcement, wildlife wandering in the road to inferior training. Namibia’s roads, for example, are mainly gravel and in poor condition. Added to torrential downpours, the conditions are enough to make a seasoned rally driver cringe.
In Thailand, a close contender for first place, it is more of a cultural issue. Drunk driving and speeding are common despite a number of road safety campaigns. Holidays, such as New Year, see upwards of 300 deaths.
If you are doing business or vacationing in any of the countries above, take the train instead!