The World’s Top 10 Drives

mountain roadThe journey is more important than the destination. Here are a few dreamy road trips that shouldn’t be missed.

White Rim Trail, USA – A 100-mile trail through the Canyonlands National Park. Far from civilisation, you’ll be treated to a dramatic range of desert views and terrains.

Evo Triangle, Wales – Close to home, this triangle of empty roads lies to the east of the Gwydyr National Park. Enjoy winding roads and sweeping views across the Welsh moors.

Denali Highway, Alaska – Take a drive on the wild side through a stunning untamed landscape to the breathtaking Denali National Park on mainly gravel roads.

Nürburgring, Germany – Completed in 1927, the 12.9-mile Nordschliefe is a racetrack open to the public as a toll road. It’s a twisting, challenging drive free from speed limits.

Great Ocean Road, Australia – Towering limestone cliffs, verdant rainforest and exotic animals make Australia’s 160-mile Great Ocean Road the adventure of a lifetime. Relax in countless golden bays.

Khardung Pass, India – Reaching altitudes over 17,000 feet, you’ll feel like you’re flying rather than driving. An ancient caravan route, glaciers and craggy peaks enchant the driver.

Garden Route, South Africa – From majestic Table Mountain to stately Port Elizabeth, you’ll witness placid lakes, rainforest and white-sand beaches. Make time for whale watching and elephant encounters!

National Highway 315, China – The ancient Silk Road is a 1,700-mile trip through time itself. China’s cultural treasures stand side-by-side with monuments to industrial development.

High Atlas Mountains, Morocco – Starting in exquisite Marrakech, you’ll experience snowy peaks and spectacular vistas as you wend your way to the sands of the Sahara.

The Atlantic Road, Norway – This 5.2-mile stretch of highway was honoured as Norway’s Construction of the Century in 2005. Winding across the sea, it connects several small islands by causeways, viaducts and 8 bridges.