Three Fabulous European Driving Holidays

holidaycarThe beauty of a driving holiday is the ability to go where you choose at any given time. Whilst you will no doubt have a plan set out, a road trip gives you the potential to act on impulse and change those plans. A driving holiday will also allow you to see sights that a traditional style holiday would not, as while you drive from location to location you will be able to take in what many tourists miss.
Take a look at three driving holiday locations that will simply blow your mind.

The Lakes, Italy
Just a single days drive from Calais are the cobblestone villages, perfectly clear and sublime azure waters and glorious mountain ranges of ‘The Lakes’ in Italy. There are many lakes to choose from in the area such as the popular Lake Garda, though if you prefer somewhere that is not too overpopulated with tourists then you should try out either Lake Como or Lake Lugano.

Somerset, England
If you prefer to take a driving holiday within our own shores, then Somerset has to be right at the top of your preferred destinations. For a blend of stunning countryside, superb shorelines and villages and towns steeped in history then Somerset is for you. You could take in Walls Cathedral, Stonehenge or head to Western-Super-Mare to take in some wonderful beaches.

Dordogne Region, France
Around a 24 hour drive from Calais in France is the stunning Dordogne region. It harbours a glorious landscape, beautiful scenery and really does show off the best of rural France. Between taking in the fabulous sights and scenery, you and your companions will also find a plethora of activities to do on your trip. It can get pretty hot during the summer months so please do remember to bring some sunscreen.

There are of course many other European driving holiday destinations that will provide you with the experience of a lifetime, yet these three certainly have to be up there with the best of them.