Top 5 Best Family Cars Of 2014

family carThe family car is quite comfortably one of the more competitive sectors in the car industry, so there really is no surprise that there are so many to choose from if you are looking to purchase one. With so many to consider however, it can be difficult to decide which of them would be the best for your set budget.

To help you out a little bit, we have provided what we feel to be the five most popular family cars of 2014 so far:

Skoda Octavia 1.2 TSI SE
This car has proved to be an extremely popular choice as a family car in 2014, down to it being well priced, having plenty of space and being cheaper than most in this category to run. The boot space that the Skoda Octavia provides is one of the better features of the car and is the reason many families opt to go with it, though being pretty fun to drive also does not hurt its likability.

Seat Leon Hatchback
Another popular choice this year is the Seat Leon, with a good compromise between both the performance and economy that it offers. The SEAT uses many of the parts found in that of the VW Golf, yet all at a discounted price compared to its distant cousin. The Leon offers excellent economy that provides a good 74.3mpg, leading to another solid reason for its popularity. Sell your Seat

Hyundai i30
Cost effectiveness, comfort and great economy are the biggest assets of owning a Hyundai i30. It may not be as fun to drive as some of the others, but it matches them in practically everything else. It can reach 76.3mpg, has plenty of space and more importantly comes at a lower price than its competitors, apart from the Kia, which is ever so slightly cheaper.

Kia Cee’d
The Kia and Hyundai are very similar, so similar in fact that they actually share many of their parts. The difference between the two are the aesthetics, with many claiming the Cee’d is better looking, yet it does not hold its value as well as the others in its class. The economy for the Cee’d is also good, managing to do the same miles per gallon as the Hyundai above. Sell your Kia

Volkswagen Golf
The Golf certainly has the best image and reputation of the family cars listed, especially regarding the build quality and reliability of the brand over the years. Whilst the Golf will set you back more than the rest, it offers superb performance and is even far more economical than the rest by managing 88.3mpg. Sell your Volkswagen