World’s best selling cars

Super Sellers of the World

Working out the best-selling cars – ever – in the countries of the world starts off pretty easy. In the UK, it’s most likely a ford – the Escort, or perhaps Cortina; maybe even the Focus. And somewhere around the world the Toyota Corolla is going to come up.

But what about the surprises? There aren’t that many, we are a predictable species, but a look at the best sellers of various countries might raise a few eyebrows. Even if only a little.

Head West and it isn’t even a car that tops the best seller list. The land that gave us Elvis Presley, Disney and Donald Trump is most attached to a pick-up truck, to be precise, the Ford F Series. Ford produces these big brutes at the rate of more than one a minute. It is also the best seller in Canada.

Heading East next, eventually we come to Russia, and that’s the home of the Lada – the Lada Riva to be precise. Astonishingly, it was made right up to 2015, without ever much moving on from the 1966 Fiat 124 on which it was based.

The Ladas enjoyed a brief spell of moderate popularity in the UK in the early 1980s, inspiring almost as many jokes as Skoda. What’s the difference between a Lada and a skip? There’s no roof on a skip. With a running in period of about 2000 miles, and a top recommended speed during those miles of 19 mph, they really were a hark back to a simpler time. A nostalgic period when the East and West were forever threatening to blow each other up, turning the Cold War into a hot one.

Time for the Corolla. A fine looking two door saloon in its day (better looking, it might be argued, than the hatchback of today. Nevertheless, at 52 years old and with close to 13 million models made, there’s no arguing with its durability.

Over to Italy next, land of the horns and park anywhere quirkiness. Surely, it has to be an Alfa Romeo here, or a funky Fiat like the 500, or versatility like a Panda? But no, while the top seller is a Fiat, somewhat bizarrely the Italians have gone for the most boring model of all time. The Uno is, err, Numero Uno.

But best of all, in this quick scout around the world of best selling cars, comes from India. The Hindustan Ambassador; the first car rolled off the production line back in 1958 and the last as recently as 2014. With virtually no changes.
Wouldn’t everybody want one of these beauties?