How to sell a car quickly

August 15th 2019

Before selling your car, ask yourself: What method will work best for me?

If you have time and you’re confident enough that you understand the process, then sell privately. Otherwise get in touch with auctioneers or sell to a car dealership, either as a part-exchange or an outright sale to the dealer. And then you have a choice of online options where you contact a car-buying website.

The Private Sale
If you know how to negotiate and you understand all aspects of contractual obligations, this will work well. The main reason people sell privately is because it puts more money in their pocket since you save on the costs a dealer or auctioneer would charge you. Be aware though that selling privately can be frustrating. You may come across time wasters, buyers who don’t have the money (and want to force your price down) or those who simply use you to compare what you’re offering to something they’re selling.

When selling privately, remember the following: Do a market comparison to establish the right asking price for your car. Compare your car to similar cars which are on the market in terms of year model, mileage and general condition. Have all documentation ready: proof of ownership, MOT and a sales contract. Advertise your car in the local press, someone’s shop window or the internet. Even spread the word among colleagues and friends. Make sure the car is clean and presents well.

Selling a Car at Auction
The auction is a popular method too, mainly because of the relative ease with which the deal gets done, although you never have any guarantee of success. There are 2 options: either a live auction, or one that is conducted in real-time online, where you don’t have to be present but can follow proceedings online. If you opt for the live auction, you take it to the auctioneers, set a minimum reserve price, wait for the day and hope it sells. If it does not sell, you may incur further costs and end up getting less than you would have, had you used another method. The same goes for the live auction. In this case you supply all relevant information online (model, mileage, condition), subject to a final inspection. There are always fees involved, and you may be responsible for further costs should your car not sell.

Selling to a Dealer
An easy way to sell your car, even if you can’t expect to fetch the same price you would when selling privately. It stands to reason that the dealer will give you less as he’s running a business. It is an especially useful method if you’re selling your car as part-exchange for another vehicle. You’re dealing with one company that concludes both your transactions: you sell them your car and they sell you another one – it makes the whole process easier since you talk to one company who takes care of everything right from making sure all paperwork is in order to advising you on issues such as financing for the one you’re buying from them.

Dealers, of course, buy cars for a reasonable price outright too – part-exchange is not the only option.

Online Car buying websites

An easy, effective way to get your car sold is to get in touch with an online site such as The Car Buying Group. You simply enter relevant details such as the car’s year model, mileage and general condition and supply information relating to MOT and ownership details. We come back to you with a valuation subject to a final inspection. One of our experienced team members arranges to collect the vehicle and meets you at a location of your choice – the deal is done immediately and you have the money in the bank, often on the same day. We are confident that we’ll offer you a fair price for your car and make the process stress-free and pleasant. We have been in business for many years and our customers have no qualms to refer us to their family and friends.

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