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Wakefield Bridge

For those who are planning to visit Yorkshire and the Humber, Wakefield might not be the first place that pops into their minds. This isn't really surprising since there are many popular places in the region (like Leeds, Halifax and Scarborough), but they'd miss half of their lives if they'd leave Wakefield out of their itinerary.

This comes from the fact that the city has many wonderful attractions to offer, giving people a glimpse into Britain’s past. Visitors, for one thing, can check out the Wakefield Cathedral and learn more about its rich and interesting history. Standing at 247 feet (or 75 metres), the cathedral has the tallest spire in all of Yorkshire and is considered the most prominent landmark in the area. They can also visit cultural attractions like the Sandal Castle, Pontefract Castle and the Wakefield Museum as well as explore Grade I listed structures in the city ? which include the County Hall, the Wakefield Town Hall, Heath Hall and Frieston's Hospital.

Aside from being an excellent holiday destination, Wakefield is also a great place to live. Many critics might oppose this, saying that the city has been left behind by its more progressive neighbours and is just a “typical Northern town” with high unemployment rates and other issues. But this isn't really the case. Just like other places in the UK, Wakefield has its own share of problems, but it makes up by offering a modern, engaging and stimulating environment with lots of green open spaces.

The city has even been named the third happiest place to live in Yorkshire and the 42nd in the entire country by 2014 Right Move survey. This might come as a surprise to outsiders but, if you live in Wakefield, you probably aren't astounded by this award since the city does strive to make residents happy. For one thing, it provides good schools, excellent transportation links and a wide range of dining and entertainment options. With the presence of The Car Buying Group in the area, it's also incredibly easy to sell your car in Wakefield at a good price while enjoying excellent value for money.

Wakefield in the Olden Days

Wakefield Countryside

Studies have found that the Brigantes tribe had lived in the Wakefield area until the Romans occupied Britain in AD 43. Angles then occupied the place in the 5th century and the Vikings took over and established thorpes and wapentakes in the area in AD 876.

In the 11th century, William the Conqueror took over the Wakefield manor after the Battle of Hastings. Several years later, it was given to William de Warenne and to his descendants who, during their reign, developed the area by constructing the Sandal Castle, rebuilding the Saxon church and creating a market in the town. Later on, Wakefield became prominent in the Wars of the Roses because Richard Plantagenet (the Duke of York) died near Sandal Castle in December 1460. The area was also an important part in the campaign against the Spanish Armada and during the Civil War.

During the medieval times, Wakefield not only enjoyed a thriving coal mining industry but also became a centre for grain, wool and cattle trading. Eventually, it transformed into a wealthy market town and became known as the “Merry City”. Wakefield became a municipal borough in 1848, was appointed city status in 1888 and was named a county borough in 1915. In 1974, it merged with the surrounding local authorities to form the Wakefield Metropolitan District.

Wakefield in the Modern Times

Wakefield in Yorkshire

Wakefield suffered from economic troubles when the glass and textile industries hit a slump in the 1970s and 1980s. During these years, coal production also plummeted because of the decrease in demand and the competition it faced from alternative energy sources. Ultimately, many of the pits in Wakefield closed and left numerous people without jobs.

Fortunately, the city's economy slowly recovered during the late 1990s and the early 2000s. Manufacturing still is one of the biggest employers in the area, although a lot of people are employed in the wholesale and retail trades, motor vehicle repairs, and health and social work. Many residents also work in the storage, transport and communication sectors.

Both the European and UK governments are supporting Wakefield by providing funds for the area's regeneration. The local authorities are also doing their best to boost the city's development. Just recently, the council carried some minor refurbishments to the South Elmsall market and even built a toddler and junior play area. These will hopefully attract more shoppers and give the market a boost while encouraging the residents and their children to stay active and be fitter and healthier.

Private companies are also doing their part to help Wakefield improve its economy. Developer Dearne Estates, for instance, has recently announced that it is planning to construct a B&M Bargains store as well as an Aldi supermarket in Feathrstone. Another developer, Caddick Construction, also got a green light from the Wakefield Council to build two new warehouses for TK Maxx in Knottingley. Both of these projects are estimated to create 120 jobs and 1,440 jobs respectively, helping Wakefieldians earn an income.

But take note that Wakefield doesn't only focus on improving its economy. It also strives to provide a safe, healthy and engaging place for its residents. The local council, for example, partnered with British Cycling to offer guided bike rides within the district. The city also has an active organisation called the Wakefield District Cycle Forum, which strives to promote better facilities for cyclists.

With these in mind, it's easy to see why you're better off selling your car in Wakefield and hopping on a bike. By ditching your hatchback or SUV, you'll make the most of the city's excellent cycling facilities and be closer to achieving better health and fitness. Don't worry since putting your vehicle up for sale isn't difficult; just contact us here at The Car Buying Group and get a quote for your make and model. If you're happy with the price we offer, bring your car to our office in Wakefield (or ask us to collect it for you!) and get paid directly into your bank account.

Map of Wakefield

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