Why us

July 3rd 2020

Sell your car to The Car Buying Group and be assured of a simple, safe & secure transaction.

If you have any questions, check our our FAQs or How it Works guides. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us through our contact us page or by calling our customer service representatives on our local rate number: 0333 3201 614.

Each car that we purchase is valued individually, with us taking in many considerations before deciding what the fair price of the vehicle is.

Please remember that the value you receive from this website based on the information you have given about your vehicle is not guaranteed to be the final price. It could be more or could be less, judged on the results of the inspection we give your vehicle.

This is why it is extremely important that you give completely accurate information on the vehicle you wish to sell. This makes the whole process move along more efficiently and allows us to give you as fair a price as possible when we buy your car.

If there is something that you feel increases the price of your vehicle and you have missed it off the form that you have submitted, you can email us additional information at [email protected]

The only cars that we do not purchase are non-runners, anything else we are happy to value and purchase. This even includes vehicles that have been written off by insurance, so if that is the case with your vehicle, just fill the form in as usual, making sure to tell us that it is an insurance write-off.

Collection or Drop Off - Once you have decided to sell your car you can either make an appointment to drop the car off at one of our many drop off locations throughout the United Kingdom or you can arrange to have the car picked up by us. Do not forget that you can earn £50 if you choose to drop your car off rather than have it collected.

When we buy your car we will require all documentation that comes with it. This includes the V5, service book, the MOT if you have it and the handbook. If it is a finance car, we will require a confirmation letter from your finance company stating their settlement figure.

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