Selling your car

July 3rd 2020

We provide instant & accurate, no obligation vehicle valuations to all customers

Once you have decided to sell your car to us at ‘The Car Buying Group’, you will be pleased to know that the process is extremely simple and straightforward. We can buy your car the very same day using our efficient 3-step process that will see you receive your quote, drop off your car or have it collected, your car inspected and then the money put directly into your bank.

If at any point you are having difficulties with the 3-step process when wishing to sell your car, we have a highly experienced and qualified team of customer service agents on hand to assist you.

Get Started
First, simply put in the registration details for your vehicle and check that the correct car comes up on screen. Then fill in as much information about your car as possible from the mileage it has done, how many previous owners it has had, whether it still has MOT, any service history and a brief description of the condition of the car.

Once you have given us all of the required information we will then supply you with ‘The Car Buying Group price promise valuation’ for your car.

Confirm your details
Secondly, once you are happy with the valuation we have given for your car, one of our customer service agents will get in touch with you to go over some final details. They will then provide a final quote and set about arranging the best time and place for us to collect your car.

However, you could decide to choose to drop the car off to us at one of our drop off centres and earn yourself a £50 cash back bonus.

Sell your car
Finally, we will arrange for our highly experienced collection team to send somebody out at the agreed time and location to do an inspection of the car. This inspection will be done to check that all information given was accurate. Once the inspection of the car and paperwork has been completed, we will buy your car and will immediately have our bank transfer the agreed sum of money to your own bank account.

Please do remember to bring plenty of identification as well as all of the documents for the car, such as the V5, MOT and any service history.

The Car Buying Group has been buying cars online for more than 7 years, ensuring that our customers not only get a very fair price but also an exceptional service. We have a large amount of customer reviews for you to peruse, allowing you to see just why an astounding 97% of our customers would have no concerns with referring us to both their family and friends.

What we can offer that our competitors cannot is a guarantee to pay the price we originally quoted. Additionally, unlike our competitors ‘The Car Buying Group’ have no hidden fees and have a guarantee in place to beat any quote that you may have received from any of them.

If at any time you need assistance with the 3-step process, our support team is always on hand through our local rate number 0333 3201 614 to help you with any queries.

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