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Stonehenge. Avebury stone circles. It’s easy to see why Wiltshire is considered a place of mystery and wonder. After all, Stonehenge is one of the most famous sites in the world that has baffled people throughout history. Some even believe it was built by aliens. And now that the mystery behind how the ancient Egyptians built the pyramid has been uncovered, at least with one of the key methods used, people are turning their sites on the Stonehenge and its secrets.

Well, if there’s one mystery Wiltshire has an answer to; it is to the question who will buy my car in Wiltshire? It may not be as puzzling as the Stonehenge, but it matters to someone who wants to sell a car quickly, like you.

How can I sell my car in Wiltshire?

You can take the traditional route or deal with The Car Buying Group. If you opt for the latter, we guarantee to take the hassle out of selling your car. Our aim is to answer your question of who will buy my car in Wiltshire, minus the stressful process of marketing online or offline. We also promise to offer a price that’s better than what your friend or neighbour will give.

So this brings you to your next concern ? will you buy my car for cash?

Yes. You can even throw in the question will you value my car for free, as this is exactly what we do. What’s even better is that valuation is done online through Simply type in your vehicle’s registration number and you’ll instantly get a quote. If the price meets your expectation, you can then sell it to us and we’ll pay you immediately.

How will I get paid?

One you decide to sell your car in Wiltshire through us, we will collect your vehicle and deposit your payment directly to your bank account. Here’s a great idea though, you can get a �50 Cashback if you drop your car to any of our drop-off centres. In Wiltshire, the closest drop-off point is in Westbury.

What if the value of my car in Wiltshire isn’t what I expected?

If you think like it’s too low, know that there are several factors that can affect the value of your vehicle. Overall condition, mileage, and the make and model are just some of the things considered. We guarantee, however, that you will receive the best and fairest price for your vehicle. Moreover, we answer your question will you value my car in Wiltshire with zero charge.

Presented with this information, it’s up to you to decide which route to take. With The Car Buying Group, we will provide a straightforward answer to any of your questions:

  • Will you value my car for free?
  • Who will buy my car in Wiltshire?
  • How can I sell my car in Wiltshire?

In the end, what we can do is take out the mystery that may have made selling your car a great challenge.

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