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Manchester Quay

Manchester, founded in approximately 80AD when the Roman army constructed a fort atop a hill around 1 mile from where Manchester's cathedral is now situated is the 'second city' of the UK. It is the next most heavily populated area in England after the capital.

Canal in Manchester

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The Making of Manchester

At the start of the 19th Century, Manchester's booming textile industry (during the industrial revolution) enabled very fast urbanisation of the Greater Manchester area. The city is well known as a hub for pop/rock music, a center for scientific & engineering excellence as well as a leading force in both art & popular culture. As one of the top three destinations for overseas tourists in the UK, the centre of Manchester can become exceptionally busy and crowded.

The unprecedented impact of the industrial revolution on Manchester was a fuel for seemingly endless growth of the city's size and economy. The construction of the ship canal allowed oceangoing boats to cruise directly into the Port of Manchester, fuelling the first industrial estate - Trafford Park.

Manchester road snow scene

Like many other urbanised areas in the country, the city took repeated blows during the blitz. Many factories, commercial & residential areas were fully or partially destroyed. The most severe attack was sustained in December 1940 where huge amounts of the historic city centre were levelled to the ground. The rebuilding process continued for more than 2 decades following the devastation.

Trafford Park, Manchester has played a large role in the UK's car manufacture industry. Fabrication of chassis, bodywork as well as prestigious engines have taken plane since 1904 - engines for the aerospace industry were also manufactured in this area.

A Modern City

The city now acts as a major national & international travel hub with a continually growing airport that flies short-haul European flights as well as trans-atlantic routes. The road network for the cars of Manchester is well managed and maintained despite the harsh conditions which can be felt in winter - especially roads like the A62 which leads into the city through the Pennine hills/Rossendale Forest.

The city is well equipped to handle electric cars as it has a relatively new network of 250 charging points for motorists convenience. The infrastructure currently exceeds the demand as the adoption of EV's is still low. It's widely accepted that there will be a shift to electric cars in the coming years. If you are ready to make the switch and would like to sell your existing car - enter your reg here and receive your free valuation!

Map of Manchester

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